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Business Planning

When was the last time you revisited your business plan? A proper plan is not something you do just to get finance it is what drives your business forward. Our business planning service involves getting to know and understand your business, developing a real feel for the goals you want to achieve. We will share the experiences from the many clients that we have worked with, together we will set realistic, measurable goals that you can work towards to prevent "drift". Your plan will be something you will want to work towards, a plan you believe in and know that you can deliver for yourself.

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Research and analysis

Good business people have a "gut feel" about what they are doing, instinct and experience is guiding them. There are times though when things don't quite work out the way you thought they would and you don't know why. Our research and analysis service can help, either before you invest money, or assist with finding solutions if things are not going as expected. We can look at competitor activity, pricing, marketing, selling - with excellent analytic minds and a wealth of experience we can help you move forward.

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You can read manuals about sales and how it should work but the reality is you will need a new manual each week because there are so many outside influences. You can draw upon our extensive experience to help with your sales, whether it is new business acquisition, sales structures, motivation, closing, sales cycles, prospect pipelines, sales propositions or any other from the multitude of sales influences we can help, providing advice and guidance.

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Training and motivation

Having successfully managed small groups to teams of 120 sales people there is a core understanding of the need to train, develop and maintain high levels of motivation. If your team is flat, your energy levels low, the skill levels not to your expectation then we have solutions for you.

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