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Case Studies

A small example of the work that we undertake

Client A

This client was advertising in 18 different print publications and had two websites for their different products.


As a growing and successful business they wanted to make the next step, they contacted us for help to move forward. 

Analysis of their sales, compared to the circulation areas covered by the publications, demonstrated that there was insufficient return on investment for 14 of the magazines. A review of the websites showed that one of the sites was costing a small fortune for hosting and delivered very poor results.

We introduced a system for monitoring all leads, recommended new publications, negotiated excellent rates and designed new advertisements. Through the response mechanism we could monitor the results and fine tune the media choice. We terminated the contract on the expensive site and created a new website over which the client had full control. We then introduced a number of Ad word campaigns, social media activity and PR.

All the changes were achieved at a lower cost than the original media activity, the client gained control and is achieving a 29% year on year increase.

Client B

This client was introduced to us by client A. They had a non responsive website (which didn't work correctly on mobile devices) and wanted to talk about a new site construction. Early conversations also indicated that there was a need to understand their own business better. This is a common element with smaller businesses who run successful businesses based on the cash flow through their accounts.


We analysed sales over the past three years which showed a negative trend on sales revenues and with no price increases for two years a pressure on margins.


Advertising and marketing activity was not monitored and a lead monitoring system was introduced. A new website was constructed, this was supported by an Ad word campaign which complimented the successful elements that they had in place originally.

This client is on target for 50% year on year growth, and spend no more on marketing than their original budget.

Client C

A retail business based in a Suffolk village that had no online presence but a very successful business. We spoke to the client about creating a website to promote their business. The main element related to their opening hours because they were not a standard 9am - to 5pm and customers would travel some distance to find them closed.

The site was created for them and in the first few months they had over 1,500 users. Behaviour flow mapping of their site demonstrated that a high number of users were indeed checking the opening times, the site was achieving high page views per visitor and sub 20% bounce rates. It was clear that there was a digital opportunity for this business and we introduced a social media platform for them which regularly reaches over 1,000 users a month.

They reduced their advertising spend on other platforms and have created a better response on a lower budget.

Client D

A complex, ongoing project that needed to find a digital solution for a market sector that operates across East Anglia.

The goal is to introduce a new web resource that will interact with 13 different websites, 8 different database structures, without adding any administration burden on any of the 13 websites.

The project involves sourcing solutions through third party suppliers, liaison with front end users and their technical teams and ensuring all stake holders are aware of the developments.

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